The significance of protecting medicines from kids’ reach

Children are intrigued by the whole surroundings. They need to touch, try and examine all the things near them – it is natural at childhood. Yet the problem is, when they have contact with unsafe items, like drugs or chemicals.


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How to avoid this fact?
The most important issue is parents’ caution. When somebody at house is taking some kind of drug, it ought to be kept out of child’s reach. The finest method is to hide it on some shelf. Yet even the best way can be insufficient. Frequently children are smarter than we think. Luckily, pharmaceutical packaging producers care about kids’ safety. Child-resistant packaging is used in case of some drugs. There are official regulations connected with the production of this kind of containers. The main issue is to prevent the possibility of opening. The pills are closed in a box with a special screw cap. Often the way of opening is pictured on the cup. Some effort is needed to open it. There is rather no chance that a few years old kid will be able to open it. It is not the one possible solution – e.g. Lock4Kids is a system, in which blisters are closed in the plastic tray and carton box. The box needs to be squeezed in a proper way to get the blister. Both hands are necessary here, kids cannot do it correctly.

Pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers generate solutions which support protecting kids from random taking of pill. It does not mean that medicines can be all around. They should be secured from kids – it is the most important rule.